Choosing The Method That Best Suits Your Needs, Between Electrostatic and ULV Fogging Depends In Your Space Size & Your Unique Situation.

Suggested Services

Ideally, electrostatic disinfection should be done at least once a week, especially during cold and flu season. With flu season coming and new variants on the rise again, the more often you use electrostatic disinfection to clean your space, the better..

About Us

We’ve been in the cleaning business for many years, but now decided to adapt to the new era of cleaning technologies and go beyond the traditional methods by implementing Electrostatic and Fogging disinfection services to combat viruses in stronger and then yet safe ways.


✔ Experienced & certified professionals
✔ EPA-registered disinfectants
✔ Advanced electrostatic disinfectant fogging
✔ Sanitizing wipedowns of high-touch areas
✔ Post-disinfection certificates provided

Industries We Serve

We serve many industries using products approved for use by the EPA at daycares, nurseries, nursing homes, medical facilities, dental offices, office, any workplace, schools, venues, supermarkets, athletic facilities, aircraft, vehicles, institutions, the home, hospitals, religious places, restaurants, commercial kitchens and more.

Areas We Serve

NY AND NJ surrounding Areas


Pricing is dependent on too many unknown factors and each facility is unique. To provide accurate estimates, we will need more information about your particular situation.


Our disinfection service lowers your facility risk of becoming a site for bacteria, disease and lost business. Preventing an outbreak is our top priority

Ride Shares

Our vehicle disinfection services are suitable for many essential modes of transport, from taxi cars, buses, ride-sharing etc.

Vacation Rentals

Meet your short rental guidelines by disinfecting your space during your guests move in and move out process.

Learning Centers

Our school disinfection services create a clean, safe, and healthy environment for students, staff, parents, and visitors.